Mészáros György, Zakar Kata

As children, we both spent our Holidays closby in Ábrahámhegy and that was the time when we fell in love with this region. We bought a summer house in Kékkút in 1998, but we had to realize that it became harder and harder to travel back to the city. We decided to live here in 2007 and we started operating Kővirág at the same time, although we had bought it in 2003. The love of hospitality is family heritage, György’s grandparents established the famous Mészáros Confectionery in Szombathely and Kata’s grandfather played an important role in founding the artists’ colony in Zsennye by the bank of River Rába. Many people ask about the secret of our success. Obviously, it’s a hard question to answer, but it might be - besides constancy - that we are always ready to develop our services, at the same time we keep affordable prices and high quality. We like going to restaurants and consider everything from the guests’ point of view. Seasonality and regionality: basic principles from the opening. We would like to offer experience (which comes from the surroundings as well). We try to offer every walk-in a little bit of Káli-medence essence. We renew our menu from week to week always adjust to the season’s fruit and vegetables originated from the region. Every day is a theatre play for us, which includes food, interior design, work of our colleagues, music and candle flames on the tables. If eighty percent of the instructions meet reality, the guest satisfaction is guaranteed and that is our biggest goal. We are very close to Lake Balaton, Káli-medence gives a completely different feeling though. Opposite of the teeming coastal life, still close enough for our guests who are interested in bathing, fishing or sailing.  A few minutes drive to the Káptalantóti Farmers Market and numerous sights which can offer unforgettable experience. I am sure that whoever first visits this place will get an inimitable essence like nowhere else. And whoever has been here once, returns. There is something in this region which is hard to explain, it has to be felt!

Recognitions, releases

We didn’t advertise Kővirág for a purpose, we believed that the most trustworthy recognition is when satisfied guests tell each other about their fulfilling experience. The first articles were written by our guests and therefore more and more gastronomy journalists visited us. Nowadays Kővirág can be a proud holder of many prizes; Népszabadság / Dining Guide Top 50-100 Restaurants, Tripadvisor Regional Winners, Gault Millau 11 Points, Best of Budapest and Hungary Best Countryside Restaurant. Our best acknowledgement yet is the return of our guests!