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Kedves Vendégeink! A legnépszerűbb időszak a tavasz nálunk, mely most még bízhatunk benne, nem múlik el egymás nélkül egyikünk számára sem.. Mi mindent megteszünk, hogy a lehető legszebben, a lehető legjobb kínálattal várjuk majd Önöket mikor újra lehetőségünk lesz rá. Köszönjük a támogató szavakat, leveleket, elmondhatatlanul jólesnek most! Vigyázzanak magukra, családjukra, tudják hogy ez a mesevilág itt fogja várni mindnyájukat mikor a dolgok rendeződtek. Későbbi időszakokra várjuk megtisztelő érdeklődésüket, foglalásukat! Üdvözlettel: Zakar Kata, Mészáros György, és a Kővirág Csapata

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From july, every days open

Maj. june we are open 5 days in every week, except of Tuesday, and Wednesday. e- mail us for a personalized offer! All the best, the Kővirág team

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On request a personalized gift voucher can be made. Click for filling the application form!

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Kővirág has become a notion in Káli-medence. There are a lot of returning guests from all over the World, not just because the restaurant and its surroundings have their special charm, but also everything we provide them is with heart and soul from the freshly cut flowers on the tables to the high quality, uniquely arranged dishes on the plates. The garden with its huge sunshades is very enjoyable during summer months. We can easily forget the rushing World in the evenings with cricket chirping, candle light, flower fragrance, regional wine, harmonious dishes. Even in the biggest summer bustle, this place shares its calmness, where we can forget our everyday issues. Winter months are as much interesting with dinners by stove fire. We only use regional ingredients in our restaurant and every three days a new menu is written on the hanging blackboards. Certainly we have constant signature dishes as well, for example the famous Kővirág cottage cheese dumplings. We work with neat, sophisticated flavour and large portions. We turn to our vegetarian guests with extra attention, they can choose from a vast selection. Regional wines can be tried as well, we even have our house wine made for us by Káli Balázs. Annual opening: Febr, March, April: every weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) from 12 to 22. May: every day apart from Tuesday and Wednesday from 12 to 22. June, July, August: every day from 12 to 22. September, October: every day apart from Tuesday and Wednesday from 12 to 22. November: every weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) from 12 to 22. December, January, February: School breaks and thematic weekends from 12 to 22.

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We offer six two-story, sixty square meters suites ready to accommodate 4 guests, which are tastefully mix folksy, Mediterranean interior design with 21st Century comfort. Living room, bathroom (shower or bathtub) and toilet are located on the ground floor, where extra beds can be added and the two bedrooms are upstairs. Opposite the Kővirág’s main entrance there are two guesthouses which can be booked for longer terms as well. These have their own gardens and offer comfortable accommodation for a family.

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Real Estate

More and more people decide that they don’t only want to be rare visitors in this unique location, but they would like to spend Summer here or move here for good. Kővirág Real Estate was established for them specialized to Balaton-felvidék, Káli-medence. Most of the real estate sellings in Káli-medence linked to us. We can be contacted in connection with lakeside chateaus, villas and high quality estates as well. There is a prominent place in our sales methods for local and personal consultancy. Our office address is the same as the Kővirág’s, which traditionally provides first-hand information on local sale and renting deals. We can provide accommodation and restaurant services for those who travel here from further locations. A list of current offerings can be found online and printed versions as well. Our services available seven days a week, pre-arrangement is required.   We are looking forward to your interest! Orsolya Szeles & György Mészáros Tel:  + 36 (70) 418 7713

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