Gift Voucher APplication form

Csomag ajánlatok: • Főszezonon kívűl 1 night accommodation with gourmet dinner & breakfast for 2 guests: 41.800 HUF • Főszezonon kívűl 2 nights for 2 guests with breakfast & five-course gourmet dinner (in one of the evenings - Fridays & Saturdays excluded): 62.900 HUF • Ünnepi hosszú hétvége 3 nights with breakfast for 2 adults & 2 children: 90.000 HUF • Nyári főszezon 5 nights with breakfast for 2 guests: 125.000 HUF Privacy Policy:   Only one email address is required in the table to be able to reach you. All other data is optional. You can use the data provided to issue a gift card, whether in the table or by phone or e-mail, to use it for this purpose. We will not share this information with others, and we will delete it after the gift card has been issued.